What is Paintball?

Paintball is a game in which players use compressed-gas-powered Paintball guns (sometimes called markers) to shoot each other with small balls of encapsulated gelatin. When these paintballs break, they leave a brightly-colored mark, about the size of a quarter, signifying that the player is eliminated from the game.

Is Paintball safe?

According to a study done by The National Injury Information Clearinghouse of the U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in Washington D. C., through use of the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, Paintball was identified the safest sport in the world. With only 1 injury* per 4,000 players, Paintball is statistically safer than golf or bowling. See our article “Playing it Safe”  for more info. (*An “injury” is defined in such studies as an event which causes a participant to miss at least a day of school or work)

Does getting hit with a paintball hurt?

This is the first question new players usually ask about the sport. It can sting or “smart” a little, especially at close range. If you’ve ever been snapped by a wet towel, or played handball or racquetball and gotten hit by a rebound shot, that’s about what it feels like. If you’ve ever gotten a tattoo or had your ears pierced, you’ve experienced substantially more pain than you’ll feel from a paintball hit.

Paintballs may also leave a small bruise at the point of impact, called a “welt”. Paintball players wear these like badges of honor. If this bothers you, you can wear extra padding, such as knee pads, elbow pads, gloves and a chest protector. And, of course, approved Paintball masks to protect your eyes and face are mandatory safety gear.

The truth is, paintball is so much fun, the sting of a hit barely registers. When your adrenaline is rushing, it lessens the sensation. And you know what they say about not remembering pain? It’s true! You’ll leave the field with only fond memories of exciting firefights, crazy stories and usually some great new friends.

Can I buy paintballs at the field?

At commercial fields, you can purchase paint by the box (2000 rounds) or the bag (500 rounds). Many fields require “Field Paint Only,” (FPO). If a field has a “BYOP”  (“Bring Your Own Paint”) policy, you can purchase paint at your local Paintball pro shop or a mass market sporting goods retailer.

What are paintballs made of?

Paintballs are manufactured from a non-toxic, water-soluble and biodegradable mixture of colorants and polyethylene glycol (which is basically children’s finger paint) inside a spherical gelatin capsule.

Can you eat paintballs?

Eating paintballs is basically harmless, but they don’t taste very good at all.

Do paintball splats stain?

Simple answer, no. Hits wipe easily off your clothing and skin, and any residue left on your clothes comes out in the wash. They also wash off trees and grass after a rain shower. Some special “tournament” grades should be washed off right away to avoid leaving any trace.


What you need to know for your first time?

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